Hi, it's me.

About me

I built my first website on GeoCities in 1996. My first program was a BBS dialer. I was a freshman in college and immediately changed my major from Physics to CS.

Ever since I've been happiest when I'm building digital things, and geek out over new tools that do new things. I've been called a 'unicorn' due to the fact that I do design as well as coding, but I prefer to think of myself as well-rounded. As Heinlein said - "specialization is for insects."

I enjoy looking to avante-garde enterprises for design inspiration, such as art, fashion, and anything else that feels tuned into the zeitgeist.

My personal interests include art, blockchain, AR/XR, machine learning, computer vision and 3D. I have two black cats, read too much, and collect antique vintage-y things.

Role Models

Grace Hopper
Anna Wintour
Janis Joplin
Mary Cassatt
Jane Austen